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Why Professional Garage Door Cable Repair is So Important

One issue that many people think they are able to handle on their own is garage door cable repair. This can be a costly and dangerous mistake. While it may seem very simple to replace the cables that raise and lower a garage door the fact is that this can actually end up causing more extensive and costly problems in the long run.

A cable is actually made up of a number of individual metal strands that are twisted together to form a thick, durable cable. It needs to be very strong since it needs to support and move the heavy weight of a metal door. Even single car garage doors can be quite heavy and large, industrial bay doors can weigh an unbelievable amount. If you are under one when a cable snaps the resulting situation can be deadly.

Because of the important role that these items play in the opening and closing your door, it becomes clear that you need an experienced and skilled technician for garage door cable repair. They know how to unwind them from the springs and know which type of cable to use when replacing broken items. You want to make sure that it can handle the weight of the door and the strain that repeated use can bring. It is important to work with a company that has the right cable no matter whether you are using an automatic opening system or a manual one.

A broken cable can quickly become an emergency if the door is stuck halfway up or halfway down. If it is positioned in such a way that it could fall and trap someone underneath it is essential for you to get the problem fixed quickly. Our technicians are available on an emergency basis and can get your door working properly again without delays.



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